Navigating the art of home pricing

With fair market value a priority for today’s consumers, for homeowners wishing to sell or rent out their properties, it is critical that the home is pitched at an accurate, market-related price that will enable it to compete with other comparable properties for sale or rent. This is particularly important in the current market, which is becoming more favourable to buyers. By its very nature cyclical and consumer-driven, the property market reacts as the balance between demand and supply shifts, so pricing your home right requires expert advice. Today’s buyers across all price sectors are extremely savvy and research the market thoroughly before committing to a purchase decision, so it’s imperative that a property is not brought to market at an unrealistic price.

If you don’t capture the market within approximately the first two weeks, then it’s most likely you’ve lost those prospective buyers. Bear in mind that buyers – particularly first-time millennial purchasers – are watching market trends and prices achieved to ensure they make informed, intelligent offers. One of the fundamental steps in pricing a home is conducting a thorough market analysis. Comparable sales, commonly known as comps, serve as a cornerstone in this process. By researching recent sales of similar properties in your neighbourhood, including square footage, bedroom and bathroom count, lot size, and condition, sellers gain valuable insights into current market trends.

Pricing expectations

Websites like provide a wealth of information to aid in this crucial step. Additionally, assessing the pricing of current listings offers a comparative gauge, helping sellers understand their home's position in the competitive landscape. Understanding the broader market dynamics is essential for pricing strategy. Supply and demand fluctuations directly influence pricing trends. In scenarios where there's an oversupply of homes relative to buyer demand, sellers may need to adopt a more competitive pricing approach. Similarly, sellers facing urgent timelines may need to adjust their pricing expectations accordingly.

Beyond the sale price, sellers must consider additional costs associated with the transaction. This includes real estate agent commissions, transfer fees, and any outstanding maintenance or repairs. Factoring in these expenses ensures sellers have a realistic understanding of their net proceeds from the sale. Seeking guidance from experienced real estate agents is invaluable. Their expertise and market insights can help sellers navigate pricing complexities effectively. While online resources offer convenience, they should complement, not replace, professional advice.

Utilising a combination of both ensures sellers make informed decisions aligned with market realities. Pricing a home for sale demands a nuanced approach, blending market analysis, property assessment, and strategic decision-making. By leveraging key factors such as market conditions, property characteristics, and expert guidance, sellers can optimise their pricing strategy to achieve successful outcomes in our dynamic real estate landscape.


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