Peanut butter panic: These products are safe
Photo Unsplash/Towfiqu Barbhuiya

Peanut butter panic: These products are safe

Nick Wilson - With the wide-scale recall of certain peanut butter brands in full swing, the manufacturers of Black Cat and Yum Yum have assured customers their products are safe.

This follows the National Consumer Commission in South Africa calling for urgent tests of peanut butter by all producers in the wake of some brands manufactured by House of Natural Butters being recalled.

These brands contain higher than acceptable levels of a naturally occurring mycotoxin called Aflatoxin. The mycotoxin concerned has been linked to serious health complications.

Food producer RCL Foods, which is controlled by Johann Rupert’s Remgro and owns the Yum Yum brand, said on Monday it had "strict safety protocols in place to ensure the continuous safety" of all its products.

"Our records show that all products that we have produced are within acceptable norms," said RCL.

The company, which also owns such brands as Selati sugar, said it had an accredited laboratory on site to monitor Aflatoxin levels in its peanuts and peanut butter production constantly - and that it did so on an ongoing basis.

"This is in addition to the certificates of analysis received from our peanut suppliers."

The PnP Peanut Butter brand is also made by RCL Foods and is not affected by this recall, that retailer said.

Black Cat

Black Cat peanut butter producer Tiger Brands said the popular brand was safe for consumption, adding that it considered "safety and quality as non-negotiable".

"Rigorous safety and quality assurance protocols are followed in the sourcing of raw materials, ingredients and the production of our finished products to ensure consumers can enjoy their loved brands with peace of mind," said the company, which also owns All Gold tomato sauce and Tastic rice.

As far as the specifics of peanut butter were concerned, Tiger Brands said all raw material peanuts were tested prior to delivery, with test results verified by the site before delivery was accepted.

The finished product, it said, was tested again prior to packaging and distribution for sale.

"Both raw materials and finished product follow a positive release protocol, and any products that do not meet our high standards for safety and quality are rejected and safely destroyed.

"The company works with suppliers, farmers and agriculturalists as part of its supplier quality assurance programme."


Shoprite also confirmed that the private label peanut butter sold in its supermarkets was safe to consume. As a precaution it again tested the Aflatoxin levels in its peanut butters last week.

It said its private label peanut butter sold under its Ritebrand, Housebrand, Pot O'Gold, Ubrand, Simple Truth and OK brand names were not affected by the recent recall as it was produced in a different factory.

"The quality and safety of our products are a top priority and undergo regular testing and quality checks."

Meanwhile, Woolworths confirmed in a statement to News24 that all its peanut butter was "safe for consumption", adding that it did not use the same supplier as other retailers who have recalled their peanut products. – Fin24


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